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Core i5/i7 4th Generation gaming desktop computer, fully optimised for best performance & value.
Overclocked 6th Generation SKYLAKE gaming computer, with graphics card & watercooling options available.
Intel's top of the range Socket 2011-3 CPU Gaming PC with nVida graphics card options available.

6th Generation gaming PC with unique case options, optimised for best performance & value.
Intel's top of the range Socket 2011-3 CPU Gaming PC with nVida graphics card options available.
6th Gen CPU with DUAL nVidia SLI or AMD graphics card options for the hard core serious gamer.
A Socket 2011-3 Extreme Gaming PC featuring DUAL SLI and TRIPLE SLI Graphics Card Options



BUYING TIPS for Gaming PCs

FAILURE Rates and the importance of an on-site warranty - Click Here

Spend as much as you can on the graphics card as it does 90-95% of the work in a gaming pc.
A 128gig SSD can fill up very quickly, make certain you have a 2nd hard drive for extra storage.

We recommend 8 Gigs of RAM for a gaming pc. Contrary to popular belief RAM (memory) does not actually speed up a desktop computer. RAM however, allows you to keep more and larger files open at the same time. The more RAM you have on a computer system the larger the installation will be. Windows 7/8/10 normal install with 4Gig of RAM is about 28Gig, 8Gig of RAM 32Gigs, 16Gig of RAM 40Gig, 32Gig of RAM 54Gig, while if you go to 64gigs of RAM, Windows installation may exceed 100gigs. These numbers grow even more as you do windows updates. Beware of Minimum Specifications given out by gaming sites. These will barely be enough to play their games at reasonable levels.

At GR-TEK Computers our aim is to deliver the best custom built gaming computer & gaming pc experience and to only use industry and quality proven hardware with unmatched quality, reliability and attention to detail . All Custom built Gaming Pcs are hand-built by Professional System Engineers & receives extensive quality & performance testing.

* All brands, logos, images and names are trademarks of their respective companies. Images used are for illustrative purposes only and may not be identical to the product supplied. * We reserve the right to use alternative components of equal or better quality in the rare event of stock unavailability.