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6th Generation SKYLAKE computer for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom & Premiere

6th Generation SKYLAKE Desktop PC for AUTODESK 3DS MAX / MAYA / VRAY / AFTER EFFECTS - AutoCAD etc
The Ultimate for Photo & Video Editing. for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom & Premiere
4th Generation Core i5/i7 PC with DDR3 RAM for the Home/Office, also great for Photo & Video editing.
Intel's Socket 2011-3 CPU for AUTODESK 3DS MAX / MAYA / VRAY / AFTER EFFECTS - AutoCAD etc
6th Gen CPU & DDR4 - PRO Audio system for Music Production with LOW NOISE Sound solutions available.
AMD Ryzen Multicore Photo Video Editing Computer
A Socket 2011-3 desktop computer for the Professional, NOW with XEON Workstation CPU Options.


Buying Tips

A 128gig SSD can fill up very quickly, make certain you have a 2nd hard drive for extra storage.

The more RAM you have on a system the larger the installation will be. Windows7/8 normal install with 4Gig of RAM is about 28Gig, 8Gig of RAM 32Gigs, 16Gig of RAM 40Gig, 32Gig of RAM 54Gig, while if you go to 64gigs of RAM, Windows installation may exceed 100gigs.

2400Mhz RAM and upwards, increases overall system performance only marginally. For optimum STABILITY we recommend 2133 Mhz RAM for DDR4 systems.

A 2 gig Graphics card is NOT faster than a 1 Gig card. The performance is determined by the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) ie a GTX960 is faster than a GTX 750 and a GTX 970 is faster again


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